Laws & Administrative Rules

The Division of Forests & Lands is legislatively bound to follow several laws, administrative rules and regulations put in place by the New Hampshire legislature.


Most of the statutory authority and guidance for work of the Division of Forests and Lands is set forth in Title XIX-A Forestry.

Statutory authority and guidance for the Natural Heritage Bureau is found under RSA 217-A, New Hampshire Native Plant Protection

Administrative Rules

An administrative "rule" under RSA 541-A, XV is defined as:

Each regulation, standard, form as defined in paragraph VII-a, or other statement of general applicability adopted by an agency to:

  • implement, interpret or make specific a statute enforced or administered by such agency or
  • prescribe or interpret an agency policy, procedure or practice requirement binding on persons outside the agency, whether members of the general public or personnel in other agencies.

Following, are the administrative rules adopted by the Division of Forests and Lands: