Fire Towers

New Hampshire operates 15 fire towers which look over the forests to detect small fires before they become large wildfires.

The Division of Forests & Lands operates 15 fire lookout towers throughout the state for the purpose of wildfire detection. The Division also coordinates wildfire detection efforts with the Lakes Region Conservation Trust which operates the Red Hill Fire Tower located on Red Hill in Moultonborough.

These fire towers are staffed during periods of high fire danger. Aerial detection is also used to supplement the fire towers when necessary to cover remote areas where fire towers no longer exist. These flights are provided under contract with the Civil Air Patrol. Fire towers are open for public visitation when staffed.

Fire Lookout Tower Quest Program

The New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands is the principle agency engaged in the protection, stewardship and sustainable use of New Hampshire's forests. Our fire towers and their lookouts serve to protect and promote the values provided by forests. The purpose of the Fire Lookout Tower Quest program is to increase the public's recognition of, and appreciation for, the critical roles that our fire towers play in the protection, stewardship and sustainable use of New Hampshire's forests. Select one of the fire tower locations from the attached list and plan your hike. Make sure that you are properly equipped and prepared physically before attempting your hike.

Remember to document the date of your visit on the attached visitor register. Once you have visited five different fire towers simply fill out the attached request form and mail it to"

Tower Quest Program
NH Division of Forest and Lands
172 Pembroke Road,
Concord, NH 03301.

In a few weeks you will receive your complimentary Tower Quest patch, certificate, and a letter in recognition of your accomplishment. Patches are also offered for sale at $5.00 each to help support the program. Please make checks payable to the NH Federation of Forest Fire Warden's Associations and mail it to the same address.

Tower Quest Brochure

The Tower Quest brochure provides directions and a map for the Fire Towers, as well as more information on the Tower Quest Program. Print the Tower Quest brochure. Note: if your printer allows you to select "print on both sides of paper," you may wish to choose "Flip on short edge."

Green Mountain fire tower in Effingham during foliage season