Wildlife Management Areas

Fish and Game Department lands managed cooperatively by the Division of Forests and Lands

The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and the Fish and Game Department have maintained a memorandum of agreement between the two state agencies to improve upland wildlife habitat on state managed lands since 1987. The Fish and Game Department owns 124 Wildlife Management Areas, encompassing nearly 60,000 acres across the state. The primary purpose of these lands is to conserve and improve habitat for wildlife. The Division of Forests and Lands implements timber stand and wildlife habitat improvement projects on these lands through the Forests Management Bureau timber sale program. All forest management activities are carried out under the supervision of Division foresters in cooperation with Fish and Game habitat biologists consistent with the management of other State-owned forestlands under Department jurisdiction.

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Old Field Habitat at Deer Hill Wildlife Management Area     Young Forest Habitat at Larmie Wildlife Management Area

Wetland Habitat at Kearsarge Wildlife Management Area